Western Romances

~ The Lawman’s Redemption ~

Harlequin Historicals – August, 2010

Jack Hollister had always wanted to be a lawman, but the night he’s forced to kill his outlaw father in self-defense, he tosses aside his badge and turns cowboy. He seeks refuge at the Wells Cattle Company, but he’s haunted by his father’s dying wish – to find the man who betrayed him and his gang.

Grace Reilly nurtures a simmering hate for the lawman she believes killed her lawless mother. She vows revenge, but her respectable life in the east is shattered by scandal. First, she must travel west to find the answers she needs to save her best friend and all they’d worked for, never dreaming she’d find Jack, too . . ..

Together, Jack and Grace learn love and forgiveness as they encounter the man who’s determined to destroy them—unless they can destroy him first.


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~ The Cattleman’s Christmas Bride ~

Harlequin Historicals – October, 2009

After Allethaire Gibson was kidnapped several years earlier in the wilds of Montana Territory, she tries hard to put her life back together in civilized Minnesota. She almost succeeds—until she’s framed for a crime she didn’t commit. With her reputation in shreds, she flees back to Montana to seek her father’s help in proving her innocence.

Mick Vasco never expects to see Allethaire again, but when he finds her in the middle of a train-robbery-in-progress, he has no choice but to kidnap her—again.

Together they race against time to find crucial answers. But during the blessed season of Christmas, they find wondrous gifts of forgiveness and love instead.

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~ The Cattleman’s Unsuitable Wife~

Harlequin Historicals – May, 2009

Zurina Vasco despises Trey Wells for the power he wields over her people and their beloved sheep. But when tragedy strikes, there is no one else she can turn to for help but him.

Trey doesn’t have room in his life for a beautiful woman like Zurina–until the night his father is murdered. Only she can help him find the truth and satisfy the revenge he craves.

Bound by the secrets that will tear them apart, they flee into the wilds of Montana Territory and find a love worthy of legends.

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cover~ Kidnapped by the Cowboy~

Harlequin Historicals – June, 2008

Callie Mae Lockett is betrayed by the man who claims he’s responsible for her young brother’s tragic death. She chooses another to help carry on her precious legacy, the C Bar C Ranch , and he’s the farthest thing from a cowboy she’s ever met.

TJ Grier has always been one of the C Bar C’s best cowboys, but one horrible night destroys all he’s ever known.
Desperate to prove his innocence, he steals Callie Mae away, and together they plunge into danger to solve the secret that has torn them apart.

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cover~ A Western Winter Wonderland~

Harlequin Historicals – October, 2007

Lonely Sonja Kaplan doesn’t want to spend another Christmas alone. While she has her secret government work to fill her days, she longs for a husband to fill her nights.

Chet Lattimer doesn’t know the first thing about being a father when the six-year-old son he didn’t realize he had bursts into his life. Worse, it’s Christmas, and there’s no one to help him celebrate except the mysterious woman the gossips call the Bird Lady.
But a little boy hungry for love helps them all find truth and peace, and together they revel in the magic of Christmas.

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cover~ Untamed Cowboy~

Harlequin Historicals – July, 2007

Carina Lockett is driven to build a legacy for her young daughter, and she doesn’t need a man to help her do it. But when her precious child is lured away and held for ransom, she must swallow her pride and ask for Penn McClure’s help.

Penn McClure had no intention of playing cowboy for any woman, especially one as strong-willed as Carina.

But driving a herd of cattle to Dodge City was no easy task. And he had a score to settle with the man waiting for them at the end of the trail.

Along the way, he discovers Carina is pure female–and that her legacy had become his own.

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cover~ Her Lone Protector ~

Harlequin Historicals – December, 2006

Creed Sherman is a war-hardened mercenary disillusioned with the happiness he hopes to find when he finally comes back home.

Gina Briganti traveled from her native Sicily to start a new life in America, but a terrible fire threatens to destroy her hopes and dreams.

A fanatic and his cause are responsible, and she must depend on Creed to protect her from danger. But is her love enough for the peace he craves?

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cover~ Wanted! ~

Harlequin Historicals – August, 2006

Lark Renault, alias Wild Red, is a former outlaw turned respectable. She loves her life as an honest, law-abiding bank teller in a small Iowa town. But her past comes back to haunt her. His name is Catfish Jack, and he wants the money she stole and buried when she rode with the infamous Reno gang.

Only one man can keep her safe. Ross Santana, the bounty hunter determined to arrest her and close the only case he’d never solved.

But if he does, it would destroy her — and the unexpected love they’ve found.

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cover~ McCord’s Destiny ~

Spring Brides Anthology
Harlequin Historicals – June, 2005

Juliette Blanchard needs his land to build her luxury hotel.

A high society architect from New York, she is desperate to prove herself in a man’s world.

But Tru McCord refuses to sell.

He’d once lost everything because of her. Now, he doesn’t need a frivolous hotel–or Juliette–back in his life. Does he?

A bitter family feud threatens to destroy both their dreams.

Only young love–and their own–promises to keep them alive.

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cover~ The Mercenary’s Kiss ~

Harlequin Historicals – August, 2004

Jeb Carson is a fearless mercenary.

He’s fought long, hard years on foreign lands to defend his country. He’s determined to return to America and live a quiet, normal life.

Elena Malone is a mother.

She knows nothing about war until her precious son is kidnapped by one of America’s most dangerous enemies. Together, Jeb and Elena must risk their lives in a daring fight to rescue her baby—and find victory in newfound love.

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cover~ Broken Blossoms~

Leisure – April, 2003

Carleigh wants only to escape her father’s lies and find the mother she never knew.

Trig is determined to bring her back again.

When she flees into the California wilderness, Trig is blackmailed by her unscrupulous father to chase after her. But as a special agent for the United States government, he is drawn into an opium smuggling ring only Carleigh and her mother can help expose, and he is forced to choose between two loves–Carleigh or his country.

Will it cost him the only family he has left in the world? Or will he find new life with the beautiful woman whose very blood marked her his enemy?

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cover~ Hannah’s Vow~

Leisure – April, 2002


She grew up on the wrong side of the law, daughter of a master thief and student to his trade. But when he dies at the hands of an angry mob, she flees to a monastery to escape the world and her sins.


He is betrayed by his brother and sentenced to a life in prison. Only the thirst for revenge keeps him alive. He will do anything to escape . . .

Together . . .

They must run for their lives to survive their pasts. And in the journey, they find truth . . . and an unlikely love in their hearts.

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cover~Lady Gypsy~

Leisure – September, 2001

She belonged to no world of her own.

Not the world of the Gypsy . . .
Liza was born to roam the land with her mother’s people, but she is shamed by the sin that made her forever different.

And not the world of the Gaje, the non-Gypsy . . .
Reese has set down roots deep in the Nebraska prairie. His long-held dreams are sure to come to true with a budding railroad and a proper new wife and child.

Until their worlds collide . . .
But Liza is accused unfairly by Reese’s people, and she is forced to flee the security of her world to seek safety in his. When Reese’s careful plans for success and prosperity are threatened, he must fight to save all he’s ever worked for.

Will it cost him the love he’s found with the beautiful, black-eyed woman with red-gold hair, his Lady Gypsy?

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cover~Wyoming Wildflower~

Leisure – March, 2001

One of her father’s daughters . . .
All Sonnie Mancuso wants is to be needed by her father. Unfortunately, he already has a daughter–six, to be exact–and all he needs is a son.

One of her father’s men . . .
Orphaned in the slums of New York, fifteen-year-old Lance Harmon needs a home. Sonnie’s father gives him one, on the cattle-rich Rocking M ranch. Through the years, Lance learns to love the land, the work . . . and Sonnie

And their legacy . . .
But Vince Mancuso’s health is failing, and there’s trouble on the Wyoming range. Sonnie returns home to claim the legacy that’s rightfully hers . . . but learns Lance has already earned it.

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