Trace McQuade has lost everything–his ranch, his brother, the woman he wanted to marry. When his quest for justice fails, he leaves Texas to head north, but he never expects an outlaw’s baby along the way.


Morgana Goldwater needs to be needed. After she endured a terrible tragedy, she lives in a narrow, protected world. When Trace needs help caring for the baby girl, she is quick to take them both into her heart and into her life.


But their troubles return, and Trace and Morgana must face their past to keep loving the little girl–and each other–in their future.


Sweet Romance.



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A Cowboy and a Promise

Ava Howell knows what it means to honor a promise made to her dying friend. Traveling from New York to a remote ranch in Texas threatens her new career and the familiarity of her life in the big city. Still, building a ghost town vacation resort would look great on her resume, even though it means tangling with the ex-military cowboy who is determined to stop her as soon as she arrives.

Beau Paxton needs to sell the land and ghost town to save his family’s struggling ranch. His resistance makes him an enemy to Ava’s determination, but the harder she works, the more his attraction for her grows. He doesn’t want to set aside his plans so she can succeed at hers, yet he finds himself doing just that . . ..

Will a promise bring a city girl and a sexy cowboy together? Or will a broken one drive them apart?

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Eleanora Cavender’s life couldn’t get any worse after losing her husband in a terrible mine explosion.  She’s desperate to find happiness and security for her young daughter as well as every widow in Wildcat Ridge. There is only one way how…

Reed Shannon doesn’t want to help the widow who keeps sending letters to the Miners Association demanding justice against Mortimer Crane. But when he meets the beautiful widow and sees her struggles, he knows he must do all he can to help.

Together they work to defeat the town’s tyrant and devise a scavenger hunt the widows of Wildcat Ridge will never forget.

Sweet romance.


Untamed Cowboy

Carina Lockett is driven to build a legacy for her young daughter, and she doesn’t need a man to help her do it. But when her precious child is lured away and held for ransom, she must swallow her pride and ask for Penn McClure’s help.

Penn McClure had no intention of playing cowboy for any woman, especially one as strong-willed as Carina.

But driving a herd of cattle to Dodge City was no easy task. And he had a score to settle with the man waiting for them at the end of the trail.

Along the way, he discovers Carina is pure female–and that her legacy has become his own.

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Lark Renault, alias Wild Red, is a former outlaw turned respectable.  She loves her life as an honest, law-abiding bank teller in a small Iowa town.  But her past comes back to haunt her.  His name is Catfish Jack, and he wants the money she stole and buried when she rode with the infamous Reno gang.

Only one man can keep her safe.  Ross Santana, the bounty hunter determined to arrest her and close the only case he’d never solved.

But if he does, it would destroy her–and the unexpected love they’d found.

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